Sell my House Online

Sell My House Online



How to Sell My House Online:  In todays internet age, everyone is online... Everyone! - Selling your house was once a difficult and lengthy process that usually involved hiring a Real Estate Agent to do the running around for you to trying to find a buyer for your Home.


However, these days Home buyers simply pull their phones out of their pocket and start searching for Homes online. This simple process can now eliminate a sellers need to reply on traditional agents and allows them Sell their house online.



Is it Legal to Sell My House Online?

Yes, it's completely legal to sell your own House in Australia, it's also incredibly easy, cost effective & it will save you thousands of dollars in Agents commission advertising fees.



How long will it take to Sell My House Online?

Firstly, this is a common question, which is like asking how long's a piece of string. This depends on the market you're in and the current buyer demand for properties in your area. For example, a property in the inner city Sydney suburbs will most likely have more buyers active buyers looking than a property regional Northern Territory. Houses can sell within hours of going online, or they can take days, weeks or even months for the right buyer to come along.




Whats some good advice for anyone looking to Sell their House Online?

First and foremost, do your homework. Take half an hour to visit the SOLD section by doing a search in your suburb on This will bring up all the recent sale prices in your area. Simply find a few comparative sales and use that to set your asking price.


Buyers these days are smart, they also do their homework... If you price your House too high, they will most likely overlook your property (until you come down to a realistic price that prompts them to make an enquiry)






So what are the main benefits if I Sell My House Online?


  1. The owner stays in control, and don’t sign any lock in contracts.

  2. You deal direct with the buyers. There is no Agent or middleman.

  3. Buyers will generally prefer to deal directly with you, the home owner.

  4. You save thousands in commission and expensive advertising fees

  5. You pay no commission on selling your House – ever.

  6. You can sell quickly without working to the agent’s schedule.

  7. You make all the decisions – you’re not restricted to what the agent demands.

  8. As theres no agent costs, you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars.

  9. You can hold your own Open Homes & viewings whenever you like, for as long as you like.

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Sell My House Online


How to sell your home without paying commission

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