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What happens if I’m having trouble getting enquiries or calls on my property?

Your Home will be listed until Sold. If you’re having trouble getting enquiries, try editing your ad and changing it up a bit. For example, changing around the Main Photo, or even potentially taking all NEW Photo’s & starting Fresh! Adjusting the price is a great way in attracting New Buyers, as a lot of people tend to watch the homes for sale online, and slightly changing the price might just be enough to tempt them into making an enquiry on your home.


My Weekly campaign Report from Realestate.com.au says I have enquiries that I haven’t received?

This is a common occurrence that sometimes confuses our Sellers, but don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on any enquiries! – The realestate.com.au campaign reports class when people ‘touch’ or ‘click’ on the phone reveal button or the ’email agent’ button on your listing as an enquiry.A lot of times buyers will click on the phone reveal or email agent button on your ad, and not actually send through any enquiries. However this will still go on your campaign report as an ‘enquiry’.

Click here To find out more about campaign reports.


How do I ‘UPGRADE’ my listing on realestate.com.au?

Please view our realestate.com.au UPGRADES page online

As a customer of realestate.com.au, we offer our Home Owners the Option to ‘Upgrade’ their Listing online.Upgrading the Listing for your Ad will mean your Ad will appear larger and more prominent in the search results on realestate.com.au. Each Suburb in Australia offers different Prices for Listing Upgrades – (For Example, the cost of Upgrading an Ad in inner Sydney suburbs, will cost more than Upgrading an Ad in Regional QLD).

All of our Listings by Default will be uploaded as ‘Standard’ Listings – The 3 Upgrade Options available are ‘Premiere‘ – ‘Highlight‘ & ‘Feature‘.

To receive the Upgrade pricing for your Suburb, please send us an E-mail & include your property Address & Suburb.


I’m not good with computers, Can you upload & create my listing for me?

Absolutely! – We will need you to email through your property details & photos, but our staff can easily create your listing for you Free or Charge if you are not confident using a computer.

After viewing your photos and discussing with you what you love about your property, you will be provided drafts for the online advertisement.

To arrange this, contact 1300 609 392, or email [email protected]

Please Email the following information:
- Your Full property address
- Your bedrooms, bathrooms, car accomodation, land size etc
- Some advertising text that you would like to use on your listing
- Some property photos that can attach to your listing for you
- Your asking price
- Your Name, email and best contact number


Is it legal and safe to sell yourself?

Absolutely, It is 100% legal to sell your own Property without using a Traditional Real Estate Agent.


I live in small regional area, does this matter?

No, the process is the same for selling whether you live in a big city or small country town. Regional areas may take a bit longer to sell than in busy Metro cities, however we’ve found that it’s never usually an issue for Home Owners selling their own properties.


I am part way through a listing, can I save it and finish later?

Yes you can. Simply click the “submit” button at the bottom of any of the details page and you will save your listing as a draft. When you come back you can just start from where you left off.


How do I arrange a contract of sale?

Easy! – Once you’ve found a buyer & you both agree on a price, Simply contact any local solicitor and ask them to draw up a Contract of Sale. Once the Contract has been signed, you can then hand it back to your solicitor and ask them to process the contract!

Please note, in some States you are required to have a black contract prepared prior to your property going on the Market. Please check with your local solicitors or conveyancers for legalities in your State or Territory.


What if I need more help?

No matter what the question simply call us on 1300 609 392. Our customer care team can help with any of your queries. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to call. If our Team is tending to another call, simply leave your contact details with our call centre staff, and one of our Customer Care Team will contact you as soon as possible.


I’m having trouble writing my Advertising Text – Can you Help??

The best thing to do when writing advertising Text for a property is to visit realestate.com.au & read some advertising text from some of the Top Agent’s in your area! – This will give you a great idea on how to layout & word your properties features.

Here’s a great link below to help get you started
Tips for writing your Property ad description


Agents tell me they can sell my property better than I can, is this true?

A Great deal of our Home Owners at SaleByHomeOwner.com.au get more money for their Home then they were appraised by Real Estate agents. You should also remember that no one knows your property better than you. So in a lot of cases,  you are the best person to sell it. If you don’t feel confident, we can help. Just call us on 1300 609 392 and we’ll step you through the process.


Can we upgrade our package after we have already bought one?

Yes you can, simply contact our Customer service Team via phone – 1300 609 392, or E-mail us at [email protected].


Can I list with ‘Sale By Home Owner’ and a traditional Real Estate agent at the same time?

Yes, absolutely. You can still list your property with SaleByHomeOwner.com.au even if it is listed with a Real Estate Agent (Open Listed) – As we do not charge any commission on the Sale of your home, you’re Free to list your Property with as many other Real Estate Agents as you like.


How do I determine the value of my property?

The best way to determine the value of your Home, is to have a look at all of the recent SOLD Properties in your Town or Suburb. You can do this on realestate.com.au by searching in the SOLD category.The price you choose for your Home should reflect the current Market & value of similar Homes that have been selling in your area.

To search for Sold Suburbs in your area, click the link below & type in your Suburb.
Find ‘SOLD’ Properties – https://www.realestate.com.au/sold


Which photo is displayed as my primary photo?

The first photo in the far left corner will be your MAIN image online, you can change this by logging in to your account and clicking and dragging your image to the No. 1 image (the top left hand corner image).


How do I upload photos?

Once you have logged in to your property dashboard, if you’ve already created your listing, simply click on the ‘Manage listing’ Box, the click on edit, and click on the ‘photos’ tab to upload your property photos.

When creating a New Listing, simply login to your property dashboard, click on ‘Create New Listing’ and click on the Upload photos tab.


What’s the difference between an Active listing and a Draft listing?

‘Active’ listing means your property will be visible and is appearing onlineIf your listing is in ‘Draft’ status, that means that your listing is either waiting for approval, or your latest changes, edits or updates are waiting for approval by our team.


How long does my listing package with ‘Sale By Home Owner’ last for?

We will keep your listing online until it is Sold or until you request to have it removed. Your listing will additionally remain active on the large list of websites to which we advertise on.


How long does it take to get the For Sale Photo sign to arrive?

Depending on your location, the Photo signs are usually installed relatively quickly after the design has been approved via email by the property owners.

For regional areas outside of installation service areas, your corflute flatpack photo signs sent out via courier for self installation generally within 5 business days of approval.


What websites will my property be Advertised on?

Depending on which package you choose. Some of the websites & apps we advertise on are:

- realestate.com.au
- domain.com.au
- SaleByHomeOwner.com.au
- Allhomes.com.au (Excl ACT & some NSW suburbs)
- Soho (app)
- Lease.com.au
- MyPrivateRealestate.com.au
- HomeSales.com.au
- Homely.com.au
- iProperty (app)
- Squizz (app)
- Realty.com.au
- BROLGA.com.au
- Homes.com.au
- HomeHound.com.au
- Rent.com.au
- TheHomePage.com.au
- MillionPlus.com.au
- OnTheHouse.com.au
- Tradingpost.com.au

Note: Listing portals are subject to change*


What is the ‘Sale By Home Owner’ General Listing Form?

The ‘Sale By Home Owner’ General Listing Form needs to be filled out and electronically signed by the property owners upon payment & completion of your listing. These are simply a legal requirement on our behalf. The documents simply give us permission to advertise the property on your behalf. You must complete & sign the general listing form and upload some proof of ownership documents so we can verify you are the legal owner of the property. (Usually copy or photo of your ID and a council rates notice).

Once we have these documents and your online listing is complete, our staff will confirm you comply and promptly get your listing advertise onto all affiliated third party websites.


How do I pay for additional products and packages?

Contact one of our Team through a request email to [email protected] to discuss any upgrades or additional extras. We’ll email you through a custom payment link for your request.

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